Paws on Watch in Wealden

Paws on Watch is a project organised by the Safer Wealden Partnership.  As a dog walker you are likely to be out and about in your community, often several times a day and have a reason to be there.  This means that you have an opportunity to spot things happening and report anything suspicious to Sussex Police.  You can register your details to receive messages from Sussex Police direct to your in-box about any crimes that may have occurred in your area, and how you can help by keeping an eye open as you walk.
In addition the Safer Wealden Partnership would like you to have two other roles as you exercise your dog(s):
1. To act as an extra pair of eyes and ears in your local community, reporting back anything that seems suspicious or unusual: and
2. If you feel able to and it is appropriate, to promote responsible dog ownership amongst other dog walkers by challenging those that do not clear-up after their dog and offering them a poo bag.

Forms are available in The Horam Centre to join Paws on Watch and to sign up for Community Messaging.

Posted: Fri 31 Jul 15